My family has been seeing Thomas Carrino -PA for almost 5 years now. Our children have had several issues with their ears which landed us in the office every 3 months or more frequently and 2 sets of tubes later and possibly working on a 3rd set. Thomas is great with the kids and very professional. We get there early and have always been seen early. Dr. Abernathy has placed the tubes for the kids and she is an amazing doctor. The staff are exceptional also. Everyone is helpful, kind and generous. This group is the best in town, hands down.

Kerri Strohbeen

needed immediate care and they took me in. warm caring and personable staff concerned about my welfare and comfort. dr. carrino was professional, personable and and effective, and gave me a great sense of confidence in his ability to help me. they intervened with drug store to help after treatment. my results are all good, and my experience was completely positive. absolute top rated for doctor, staff, and results. can't say enough about these folks.

kidwell king

I have had the privilege of working with Thomas Carrino-PA and Jolene Hoffman-AuD at Greeneville Ears, Nose & Throat Specialists. I began the journey with another ENT in Johnson City because I was under the impression there were few services here in Greeneville, TN. I can tell you Greeneville ENT exceeded my expectations in all areas. They got me in to see PA Carrino within 3 days of my first call. PA Carrino read my sleep study and immediately set me up with a CPAP machine. He also recommended I visit with Audiologist, Jolene Hoffman to address my recent hearing loss. Both of these fine medical specialists are available, responsive, and care about their patients.... Please don't make the same mistake I did in thinking there are no qualified ENT specialists in Greeneville..... these folks and their AWESOME office staff should be your FIRST call! ~ J Thompson

Jennifer Thompson

Good dr. She is nice. If she cant do what needs done ahe will find a solution

Tammy Bateman

Caring professional people

Dennis Mullane

I cannot say enough good things about them! The staff is crazy friendly, thorough and accommodating!! I am always well taken care of and feel better about whatever is going on every time I leave! I definitely trust this practice- doctors and staff with my- and my family's- healthcare!!

Sandy nienaber

I can't say enough about the expert level of care I get from EVERYONE on the staff. I moved from Houston, which has world-renowned medical facilities, but the doctor and office I went to there for my sinuses pale in comparison to Greeneville Ear, Nose, and Throat. Recently, when I had to have surgery, I was led to an office where a staff member called my insurance to get the procedure approved, then called the hospital and scheduled all of my tests and preop visits. Before my surgery, she called telling me exactly what my insurance covered, something I couldn't get my insurance to tell me. The office has stayed open late, so I could pick up a needed prescription, and Dr. Abernathy even offered to drop a prescription off at my pharmacy once, which was not on her way home. I have seen Dr. Abernathy since 2006 and never have I been treated like just another patient. She is so intelligent and caring and speaks to me using terms and explanations I can understand, but also tells me the medical terminology so I can learn. In other words, she doesn't talk over my head or down to me. Finally, I'm always greeted with happy, smiling, knowledgable people who treat me like an individual, and they don't keep me waiting.

Jamie House

Great Doctor!

Sonya Ricker

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